Gang Gang Dance, “Glass Jar”

by Alexandra Molotkow

A conversation with Hairpin pal/Little Brother Charles Yao about hype men got me thinking about Taka Imamura, a member (former member?) of one of my favorite bands. Imamura’s main instrument, at least when I last saw them, is the garbage-bag flag, which he plays by waving enigmatically. His role, according to this interview in Fader, may or may not officially be “vibes manager.” He really seems delightful.

How did you become a member of Gang Gang Dance? Everybody could be a Gang Gang member. I’m in them visually, [but] spiritually, everybody is a member…. they were like, “Come on the stage together.” I wanted to do something, especially because it was an art opening. I figured, Okay, I’ll just have a hype man style. Just have a flag and keep it tied together, keep it feeling good.
 Are you going to continue with the band?
Everything is temporary, but it is forever for sure.