I Disagree With Katie About S’mores

They should be made with a Hershey’s bar.


I am rarely one to root for the non-underdog, because I am a non-sellout. For example, I root for [underdog example 1], and I root for [underdog example 2], and I root for [underdog example 3]. However, I have to admit that I disagree with Katie Heaney’s decidedly “underdog” opinion that s’mores should be made with chocolate frosting rather a Hershey’s bar.

Katie —


They should be made with a Hershey’s bar, like regular.

Katie argued her opinion in a piece on this very website, The Hairpin, yesterday afternoon. She made her case in seven points, and, for the sake of fairness, I will also make my case in seven points.

  1. A s’more is a perfect treat already. Why mess with perfection? I would love a s’more right now. I didn’t have any lunch and I bet I could eat seven or eight s’mores.
  2. Frosting is too soft to go with marshmallow. Two different kinds of very soft? You need one non-very-soft in there besides the graham crackers: the Hershey’s bar.
  3. It’s nice when the Hershey’s is really melty in some places, and not so melty other places. Every bite is a surprise and a new delight. Is it going to be melty or not? You don’t know.
  4. When the Hershey’s bar smushes out of the graham crackers — well, OK. That’s not so good. But then you just scoop it up and shove it all in your mouth at once, which is so good. Yum. Mouth full of s’more.
  5. I feel like people don’t like s’mores enough. One time I knew a person who didn’t even like them at all (!). This seems crazy. A s’more is perfect. And if you can roast the marshmallow over a fire? Are you kidding me? That’s the best fucking treat of all time. A nice activity and the best treat you could possibly have? Give me a fucking break! It’s crazy that people don’t talk about how good s’mores are more often.
  6. Chocolate frosting is good but the flavor simply isn’t saturated enough to combat the flavor of marshmallow. This is just a fact and I’m sorry to report it, as I do respect Katie Heaney as a fellow s’mores enthusiast.
  7. Yum, yum. S’mores.

What I hope people take from this piece other than the knowledge that what Katie said about chocolate frosting is very insane and that what I said about chocolate bars is very non-insane and so right that it’s nuts, is the idea that s’mores are great and under-appreciated. Please: have a s’more today. Put it in your microwave. First, the chocolate bar on the graham cracker for a few seconds, then, the marshmallow on the graham cracker for a few seconds, and then put them together. Then put it in your mouth.

I love you,


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