I Wish The Snow Would Come: A Poem

A snow poem.

If I could be so bold as to
Drop a wish into the queue
I’d make it good, worthwhile, and fair
Good for all, a grand affair
I’d kiss my wish up to the sky
I’d say hello and then goodbye
“Goodbye, good wish, please do me well;
please greet me at the gates of hell.” 
I’d wish for snow, pretty and still
Falling, swirling — what a thrill!
Tumbling from sky above
It’d blanket us with perfect love
More and more, it would not stop
Until it reached every rooftop
And even then, the snow would fall
Faster than a cannonball (Oasis)
Slowly we would realize
The snow would never compromise
No, the snow — it would not cease
Until it brought us all some peace
The whole earth in a snowy grave
Nothing left, no one to save
Together we’d party in hell
And thank my wish, my darling belle