If You Can Manage I Would Suggest Not Following Real Donald Trump On Twitter

Also it’s nice outside, which is a separate thought.


I’ve never followed Donald Trump on Twitter, which is not a perfect system but is something that I recommend. You always know when he’s tweeting about something because other people let you know, and maybe by the time you see it he’ll have finished his thought. You don’t have to wait thinking, “Oh, god. What is going to come after this nine-period ellipsis.” You don’t have to see the stuff that isn’t a direct threat to national security or democracy or a specific person or us. You just see the threats, and usually when they’ve been completed. Which is nice. And worse case scenario if I’m going to die I don’t want to read about it on Twitter first. I’d rather just die.

Maybe you have to follow him for your job, though.

Anyway it’s real nice outside this morning. This is a separate thought now. Not a condolence. It’s real nice. Warm. Nice air. Birds chirping. Sunny. Clear sky. Nice smells. People smiling. Have three coffees, why not!

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