It’s Jaya!


Oh wow, this is exciting. Hi everyone! I’m Jaya Saxena, and I’ll be helping out for the rest of April. I live in Queens, which a lot of people hold against me for no reason (hey Jazmine). I’m a Scorpio born in the year of the Tiger, so you have every right to be intimidated, and I’m coming to you from the exciting world of work-at-home freelance. I’m writing this at 12:30pm and I’m still in my pajamas #livingthedream.

You may know me from my work on this here website, about things like Qream and racial identity. I’ve written about my dad enthusiasm for The Toast, witch sex for The Daily Dot, the history of cereal for Serious Eats, and that one time I was a pole-dancing extra on Law & Order: SVU for Gothamist. I’m also writing a Dad Magazine book with Matt Lubchansky, a historic cookbook by myself, and am half of Uncommon Courtesy. I am a woman of many talents and you cannot pin me down!

Last week your ol’ pal Jazmine and I ordered pizza and Facetimed Haley, and of course Haley was wearing this beautiful white button down and had the perfect wispy ponytail catching the afternoon sunlight streaming in from her window, and I was wearing a grey sweatshirt and sometimes couldn’t talk because there was too much pepperoni in my mouth. In other words, Haley is wonderful for having me this month and I hope to do the site justice for the time I am here, and I assure you I will definitely not turn this into a placenta wholesaler.

(If you have a placenta for me to put on my face DM me.)