It’s OK To Take Your Air Conditioner Out For One Week And Then Put It Back Again

Live a little, in my opinion.


It is very hot today, and it was very hot yesterday, and it was very hot the day before. Some of us may have put in our window unit air conditioners so we would be able to sleep at night and so our dog would be more comfortable, because we certainly love him so much and we’re just so happy he’s here. But tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day? Those days aren’t going to be so hot. In my opinion, it’s fine to take your air conditioner out and then put it back in again later.

I may be out of ideas for blog posts, but you do have to admit that this is something to say.

To some, it may sound crazy. The air conditioner is already in, you successfully installed it without breaking it or accidentally murdering anyone, and it’s going to be very hot again very soon. Why take it out and deal with the whole thing with how you have to put it on a towel because of the dripping, only to put it back in again in a handful of days and hope you don’t break it or kill anyone in the process? Well. I’ll tell you why, and it’s because: You have to enjoy your life while you have it.

The air conditioner, if it’s not doing you any good, is so bad. It’s bad even while it’s doing you good (loud, makes the air bad, energy reasons, whatever, etc.) but it’s especially bad while it’s not. It blocks the light from the window; it’s unattractive; it makes it so you can’t open the window. It makes it so you can’t look out of the window at the beautiful trees and birds. And it’s not good to look at. Mostly those two things: the window, and how it’s not good to look at.

It’s springtime, baby. I think it would be nice for you to be able to get one last week of not having that stupid air conditioner in one of your windows, blocking your light, and your air, and looking like some big ugly box, no offense to our friends the air conditioners. Take it out of there. Put it back in later. I know it sounds like a whole big to-do, but it’s actually only going to take a few minutes. And do you know how many minutes of days your going to have of nice window once you take it out? You do the math. It’s 60 times 24 times however many days you leave it out before you put it back in again.

That’s a lot!!!!!!!

Enjoy your life. Sleep with the windows open — all of the windows. Take out your air conditioner if you think you’d be happier without it for the next week. Then put it back again.

I love you.