Jennifer Garner Is Katherine Chloe Cahoon In This Capital One Ad

Single girl’s guide to meeting American banks.

Jennifer Garner in the Capital One ad.

You don’t hear too much about the writer, video creator, and television guest Katherine Chloe Cahoon anymore, which is sad. You might remember her from her glamorous life, or from when a lady from Australia asked her to make a video about what girls can say in different European countries to greet and meet the guys, or from when film execs couldn’t decide on which elements from her book to include in the movie version of her book and they needed our help. Or from Videogum. What a joy it was to have the near-constant opportunity to wonder what her entire deal was, both inside department store dressing rooms and outside of them. Well, I’m happy to tell you that Katherine Chloe Cahoon is still out there creating incredible content for you to consume joyfully — and thoughtfully. Check out this recent fashion haul/OOTD (all of the details are in the wriTTen description):

And check out this Capital One Venture Card advertisement, featuring Jennifer Garner’s dad:

What a great opportunity for Katherine Chloe Cahoon! Writer, video creator, television guest, and Capital One Venture Card spokesperson. And what a great opportunity for Jennifer Garner’s dad, to be able to share screen-time with the incredible Katherine Chloe Cahoon who, before taking the job as Capital One Venture Card spokesperson, was known for her award-winning short film/music video, the fifteen-minute “Behind the Scenes” video about her award-winning short film/music video, her advice about how to be a beach beauty on a Ben & Jerry’s diet, her popular “Pillow Talk” series, and Videogum.

I love you, Katherine. It’s nice to see you again. And it’s nice to meet Jennifer Garner’s dad!

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