One Direction’s Week in Review: 10/24

The band is on a break, but the boys aren’t.

Photo: @louist91

On Tuesday, Liam Payne was feeling cryptic and emo. On Wednesday, heading South on Cahuenga toward the Hollywood Bowl, he pulled over to take a picture of a “Welcome to Hollywood” sign. On Thursday, he saw Kanye West perform. On Friday, to “invite [fans] into the writing process,” he posted a clip of a demo to Instagram (“All the other bitches here be trippin / when you walk in it’s so different”).

On Tuesday, Louis Tomlinson flew to London to attend a party for a lip paint and nail polish set designed by his sister, Lottie Tomlinson. Attendees included his girlfriend Danielle Campbell, One Direction hairdresser Lou Teasdale, and Liam Payne’s ex-girlfriend Sophia Smith. On Friday, he played outside with his sisters and watched a dog go down a slide. On Monday, he was spotted in London with sweater paws and a green hat.

On Monday, Niall Horan flew to LA to continue his promo tour for his single “This Town.” He didn’t sleep on the flight. On Tuesday, he taped a segment for The Ellen Show (it aired Wednesday). On Wednesday, he was a guest on The Late Late Show With James Corden. While in the green room, he answered fan questions on Twitter, disclosing that his album would be “folky, honest, and thoughtful” and that this favorite dog breed is a King Charles Spaniel. On Thursday, he flew to New York.

That night, The Late Late Show released a music video featuring Horan and Corden in Halloween costumes, including a cow, singing a parody of “Pony” (they taped it Tuesday and Wednesday). On Friday, he was on the Today Show, made several radio appearances (Z100, SiriusXM, IHeartRadio) and then had “chill time with friends.” On Saturday, Horan flew back to London. Sunday he attended a football match.

Harry Styles was not seen out this week. He was last spotted Oct. 11 in London outside of a Barry’s Bootcamp. He is assumed to be alive; on Thursday he liked a picture of a small ginger child on Instagram.

Notable Adjacent News

Deo Devine, friend and alleged cousin of Niall Horan, joined 1d sisters Lottie Tomlinson and Gemma Styles as a brand ambassador of Badoo.

On Chelsea Lately, Meghan Trainor, asked why “Someday” was released as a duet with Michael Bublé and not Harry Styles, with whom she wrote the song, Trainor said, “I don’t know … Harry’s team, they’re just probably working on his album now, my management is his management, so it’s a little awkward and sweaty, and he’s watching it now.” She was notably flustered.

Additional reporting by Christian Brown