Pajamas For Our Fall/Winter 2015 Look

Tying my shoes in the BHH lobby #VogueSpain #KimNoFilter
A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on Jul 21, 2015 at 2:21pm PDT

“I’ve been thinking about my fall look.” — my tombstone, probably.

I know!! It’s too early!! We’re only in mid-July!! But, I mean, I would not be who I am if I wasn’t constantly looking for what’s next.

Today I’m thinking a lot about incorporating pajamas into my fall look. This was obviously precipitated by two of the most glamorous people on Earth: Gabrielle Noone, who wrote about pajamas for Rookie, and Kim Kardashian West, who posted photos from her Vogue Spain editorial on Instagram last night and sent off a flurry of Google searches for the best matching pajama sets at my price point.

Pj’s #VogueSpain #KimNoFilter
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I was talking to my brilliant friend Emily a few weeks ago about the concept of “active leisure activities”; we wanted to make sure we were making clear, healthy distinctions that were more than just “Work” and “Not Work,” because some days it is too easy to get sucked into a terrible repetitive cycle of flipping between Instagram, Twitter, texts, Snapchat, repeat instead of doing something that will actually make you feel restored and rested, you know what I mean? And Emily mentioned a phrase she said she was trying to adopt for herself, a compliment that is usually directed at other people but she wanted to internalize, and I’d highly recommend we all do the same: she takes such good care of herself.

When I think of this phrase, I think of my grandmother, who every so often will drop a sentence that begins with “well, with my husbands…” the plural being, I thought as a child, the height of glamor. But she is also a woman who wears matching twinsets, and matches her shoes to her purse, and has an immaculately decorated apartment (she worked as an interior designer before retiring), and plays bridge once a week with her equally stylish and glamorous friends. My grandmother is someone who, in my opinion, takes such good care of herself.

This compliment refers to someone who places their physical, mental, and emotional well-being at a high premium. This includes, but is not limited to: dressing well, as per your own personal definition of what that means (let us never forget that all fashion rules are true meaningless garbage), practicing the basic tenants of self-care in a way that makes you feel good and healthy (the basic tenants being “eating, sleeping, and exercising”) as well as any other additional elements you like to add (for me, that’s face masks and hair masks, but it could be anything), and saying “yes” and “no” at the pace and frequency that feels best for you.

Running through the halls at the BHH #VogueSpain #KimNoFilter
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I personally feel extremely sensitive to things like fit and texture when it comes to clothes; I tend to like things that are loose, soft, or entirely molded to my exact physical specifications, like the two pairs of jeans I wear pretty much every day. Or like pajamas.

When I think about The Person I Want To Be next season, I’m thinking of someone Who Takes Such Good Care Of Herself. And I’m adding an important addendum: A Person Who Takes Such Good Care Of Herself Even When No One Is Looking. A Person Who Takes Such Good Care Of Herself Just Because She Is Worth It. A Person Who Takes Her Makeup Off Before She Goes To Sleep At Night And Rests For Eight Hours In A Matching Pair Of Pajamas Because It Makes Her Feel Cool.

So, I’m glad that’s settled, and now I can go back to the important work of constructing all the other elements and accessories that surround this look. I’m thinking sneakers for outside, slippers for inside; long, loose, sloppy ponytails; teeny bracelets up and down my wrists.

What is your fall look going to be?