Proof That Aliens Exist, Finally

Get ready.

Good day, Earth. Did you enjoy your Earth “coffee” this morning? Did you have a good Earth “eggo® with peanut butter on it”? Was the “warmth” of your Earth “shower” satisfying? Did your level of interest “vary” in the segments of your Earth “NPR Morning Edition”? Mmhm, mmhm.

Well, I hope you enjoyed your morning in solitude, Earth reader. Because I promise you that soon your world will be crowded with extraterrestrial lifeforms. They will likely be in your apartment and next to you at all times, and I do not guarantee that they will share the same morning routine.

I am talking about aliens from outer space specifically — this is not a “joke” about Thanksgiving.

In a video allegedly taken in Vietnam during the supermoon on November 13 — a video that I’m not sure how to embed on Medium — you can see two UFOs. Here is the link, you can click and see for yourself:

And here, I’ve circled them for your convenience:

AHHHHHHHH! Incredible. Will the lifeforms inside those two little space dots be our friends or our enemies or our lovers? We’ll soon find out. Their invasion will be a distraction, at least, and we can only thank them for that.

And get ready for this. While I was trying to find a link to the video that would be embeddable on Medium, I found this other video allegedly filmed on the same night — in Arizona.

AHHHHHHHH! Incredible. The same blurry circle vehicle from space. The mechanism is quite handsome, and I can’t wait to hear about the trip.

I love you!

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