Shamir, “Demon”

I saw that Shamir performed a new song recently, but that just made me want to put this song on again; I’ve been listening to it on repeat for very specific days and feelings. I like it looping when I ride the subway, for example. One morning when some friends were staying with me I kept them waiting for breakfast while I “sent emails” but really I just wanted to listen to the song one more time. I guess it kind of makes sense, if you listen to the lyrics — it’s a ballad of sexual co-dependency, “ride or die” taken to the second most logical conclusion of that concept. I love to compulsively confess my complicity in complicated relationships. I love to return to the scene of my emotional crimes. I love, love, love listening to the same song on repeat while the same thoughts circle in my brain. I did precisely that four times in a row while I wrote this; it felt immensely satisfying.