The Faces People Think Look Good In Photos Are Often Crazy

Not saying this to be rude, just thinking out loud.


Everyone is beautiful and I love to see everyone’s face. Some people think selfies are bad. I think: I’d rather see my friend and the outfit she’s chosen for the day than a picture of some motorcycle I don’t even know parked in front of an old-timey gas station or whatever. “Here’s a photo of blue shopping cart in front of a blue wall.” Oh, great. I’m so glad you’ve chosen to make your Instagram feed boring, I can tell you’re in a creative line of work. So, with that said, and reminding you again that this piece isn’t meant to disparage selfies, I want to ask: isn’t it crazy the kinds of faces people think look good sometimes?

What I’m talking about is, you see a photo and you think: what? Why…did this person choose to post a photo where they’re straining to make this odd face? Their normal face twisted into its normal expressions is just fine. What? Why do they think this looks good?

I don’t have any answers for you; this is just something for you to at least know that I also think about it, if you were already thinking about it. Is it that people hate the way they look so much that they see any small distortion as an improvement? I guess so. Like when your friend takes a photo of you and you look at it and you say, I look terrible, delete this, and they say, “No, you look nice!” And you just look like yourself, and that’s why you hate it. “Take one where I look better than myself or at least different.” Maybe this blog post will cause you to change how you view yourself in photos where your face is displayed accurately and I will have solved all of your self worth issues w/r/t looks in photographs. :) That will be good because I’m actually only writing it because I just had this thought (“The Faces People Think Look Good In Photos Are Often Crazy”) and it was the first thought I’ve had in two days.

In pictures everybody’s like

Man…you don’t have to make these faces. You’re beautiful :) Or handsome :) Or if you’re not at least if you make a normal face in the pictures of yourself you post online people won’t be surprised at what you look like when they see you in person.

I guess that’s it! It’s too hot outside.

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