The First Teaser for the New Season of “Gilmore Girls” Mentions Our Flower, Corpse Flower

It’s the corpse flower’s world and, baby, we’re just living in it.

Image: Gilmore Girls; Kara, Flickr; Art: Kelly

The first teaser for the Netflix’s upcoming “Gilmore Girls” revival was released today through various international Netflix Twitter accounts, and it’s, uh, bad, which — well, we don’t have to get into it. It was a bad idea to bring “Gilmore Girls” back but, please — I already said we didn’t have to get into it. It’s going to be bad. STOP!

In the teaser, Lorelai talks about Amy Schumer, wears a Rachel Antonoff sweatshirt, and says “John Oliver,” ugh, my goodness, but the main thing everybody’s talking about from the teaser (I assume) is: she also references corpse flower.


Here it is, look:

Corpse flower, as you know, is the thing everybody’s talking about currently, and certainly it is not just me who is talking about it while trying to “get it going” with everybody else.


According to the New York Botanical Garden livestream, the corpse flower still hasn’t bloomed, but everybody is waiting, especially “Gilmore Girls,” and especially me, and especially you, and everyone else.