“Tue” Songs About “Tuesday”

For Tuesday, by Tuesday.

It’s Tuesday. Tuesday is one of the nicer days, in my opinion. Much nicer than Monday and Wednesday. Maybe that is why there are so many songs about it, including this song — “Tuesday Morning.” This song is maybe not very cool. It’s from the first non-Shane MacGowan Pogues album and it was I think a commercial success, though I’m far too young to say for sure. And it was on the Blown Away soundtrack. And one time I heard it in a Potbelly’s. But the Blown Away soundtrack is good, actually, and Potbelly’s is all right, and this song is great. Easily the best song about “too many sad days, too many Tuesday mornings” that I can name. I’m not a music critic. Anyway. I love it. And IIII know that you…with your heart bea-tin’ and your e-eyes shinin’ would be dreeeamin’ of me…lying with you on a Tuesday mor-nin’!

And then also this Stevie Wonder song, which requires less explaining:

Catch up baby (catch — up bayy-bayyYyyYy). Two songs about Tuesday, which is what I promised.

You’re welcome!

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