Weekend Roundup/Open Thread


I was thinking about From Justin To Kelly. What’s Justin up to?

What did we do this week? What didn’t we do this week! Well, lots of things, but the biggest thing we did do was welcome Alexandra Molotkow into the ‘Pin family. Holy crap, this is going to be great, so go back and read her interview and get ready for May 4 where this will become a scary 70s pattern design blog.

I have to say, this week was just killer. We dove deep into Ani DiFranco and the existential pain of wearing heels. Susan Blue told us about going to Christian charm school and provided us with an amazing chart for both counting calories and tracking bible chapters. We talked about pole dancing and minor passions, and how a name can mean everything. Manisha Aggarwal-Schifellite interviewed Elisha Lim, and is it just me or are we all buying Lip Venom again?

Did you see this roundtable about TV on the internet? It features Monica Heisey (wooo), Katie Nolan (wooooo), and Jazmine Hughes (literally who). Also here’s a great interview with ‘Pin friend Natalie Eve Garrett, and if you haven’t read Kathleen Hale’s “Human Repair Shop,” just go, right now. And then to read about Rube Goldberg machines.

One of my favorite bands, Shark?, came out with a new EP this week and it’s fantabuloso. What music are you guys listening to? Also, how excited are you that it’s almost SUMMER JAMZ season?