Weekend Roundup / Open Thread

You know when a friend gchats you saying “I am about to give you the greatest gift you’ve ever received” and you’re like “what is it, lasagna?” but it turns out it’s EVEN BETTER THAN LASAGNA and actually a mildly embarrassing-mostly cute video of them on Jeopardy? Hi, Beejoli. Thank you for sharing your gift. And since we’re already talking about women we love and the gifts they give us, where would we without Safy Hallan Farah and Hannah Giorgis’ amazing essay on East African women or this video of Ellie Shechet getting drunk with Kristen from Vanderpump Rules or North West living her best life? Nowhere. Thank you, ladies.

Pretty chill week over here on the Hairpin dot com: Haley went to a bookstore, I went off the pill, Larissa showed her hand. We almost bought some weird lamps, had some embarrassing sex dreams, grew up in Calgary, counseled Kim Kardashian, prayed to Cookie Lyon, used Tinder, texted our moms, talked about fuck club, and had brown hair.

We worked smart. We worked hard. We worked, you might say, OUR TITS DOWN TO THE GODDAMNED NUBS. We could use a nice break. See you on Monday.

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