West Valley

Dedicated to and inspired by Wild Flower

The tract was cleared under blue June
Colour washed chapel of lupin, wild rose
The promise of iris, a living future’s bloom

And the trees bent in labour to our dreams
The beast sweat blessings tilled good earth
Apple, pear, and plum stitched our seams

One and all together forever, never
The highlands stooped in remembrance
Falls of snowy tears, the valley severed

Now Winter lives in the shadow of death’s illusion
Frosting glad songs, thief of homestead fires
Fevering broken hearts, dampening inventions

‘Till on the coldest moment, in dimished light
We feel lever move on fulcrum, lifting visions
Kindled poetry in our voice, defiance of the night

Thus our sadness wills the passing snow
To slip away in the new dawn’s words
As highlands see West Valley waiting down below