Fighting Your Battle

why others deserve your warrior code

This week on The Hangar Podcast Ben, Chase, and Coach Mo discussed the idea of the warrior heart inside every man that Ben came across in the book, “Healing the Masculine Soul” written by Gordon Dalbey.

Fascination with stories of heroes and warriors is further evidence that all men have the heart of a warrior within them. As a Hangerman, you have the heart of a warrior and we are calling him out today. Maybe you aren’t a violent man, maybe you don’t look at yourself and see a warrior, but he’s in there waiting to be released.

Are we calling you to a life of violence? Are we suggesting that in order to be a man you have to enter into physical combat with the military? No. In fact, the enemy isn’t of this world, but the world stands prey to his evil as a result of the sleeping warrior.

I can remember the last time I took my children to the zoo. I was excited to show my son the lions so we quickly made our way to the exhibit. When we arrived, both excited to see these magnificent creatures, we saw only a shell of the jungle’s king. Was he a lion? Yes, but only on the outside, the fire inside had been long extinguished. Modern man has suffered the same fate. The warrior that lies inside of every man has, in most cases, is worse than domesticated, he’s been placed in captivity.

Men, it’s time to wake up the warrior within. The world has been counting on the warrior God places inside of us to stand in the gap and fight evil. Ben reminds us that choosing passivity is choosing to allow evil to not only have its way in the world, but it is also allowing evil to fill the tear in the masculine soul. Before we step into battle for others, we have to start in the battlefield within.

“If Hangermen are going to live by a warrior code, then we need to be defenders of the broken.” Ben Derrick

A Hangerman fights his internal battle, not merely for the satisfaction of victory over himself, but to be set free to engage in the battle for others.

Are you living by the warrior code? Will you wake up your inner warrior?

Leave a response and let us know how you are waking up the warrior within.

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