Leaving a Legacy

How to walk a path of courage

I can remember it like it was yesterday. My father and I were invited to ride in the captain’s deck. As a young boy, the opportunity to ride with the captain was exhilarating. Any time we rode the ferry across my imagination was commandeered and in an instant I was the captain of a large vessel fighting off pirates. On that specific day, my imagination was going to be kicked into hyper drive. The voyage across the river started out smoothly. While my mind’s story was in full swing and the cannons were shooting down the enemy ship, a storm swept in and a real life adventure began.

The seas began to rise and water was crashing over the bow. Cars and busses below were sliding back and forth with every rock. Panic ensued below, and high in the captain’s deck the battle for the ship and safety of the passengers was waging. All the while there was another battle taking place within me. Overtaken by fear, it seemed at the time that I was staring face to face with the river itself. Fighting for my footing and unsuccessfully standing my ground my only leverage came from the grip of my father’s hand. Looking up at my dad as he stared the storm down, seemingly unmoved by the storm I asked…

“Dad, are you afraid?”

To which He replied…

Yes son, I’m scared just like you are, but I know that God’s got us.

(Above was my own fictional depiction of a story told by Philip during our last podcast.)

A Legacy Of Courage

What does your son or daughter see when you are face to face with the storms of life? Not many of us have to deal with air raids or raging seas, but what about when the tornado alarms sound? What about the wrong turn that brings you into a neighborhood that frequents the evening news? What about the diagnosis that unexpectedly alters the trajectory of your lives, or the evidence that reveals the secrets she’s been hiding?

When your children are trying to get their footing and they look up at you, do they see a man who stares the situation face to face with courage, or a man unsure and isolated?

The way we react in times of distress will create a legacy that will carry on for generations. Our legacy will either be one of fear, or one of courage. Which one we leave, will be up to us. In order to leave a legacy of courage, we will need to discover how we will be courageous in times of distress. The answer to this is not to isolate and suppress fear, rather we need to stand up to fear and teach the next generation how to win the war. Let’s create a legacy of courageous men!

God’s Got Us

In order to create a legacy of courageous men, we need to be courageous men. Franklin D. Roosevelt was quoted in saying,

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear. — Franklin D. Roosevelt

Whenever Philip found himself in moments of fear, he asked his dad where he found his courage.

God’s got us.

This was not just a fact, this was Philip’s dad creating a legacy of courageous men. He was revealing to Philip, and his brother, the source of his courage. He didn’t try to convince them that he wasn’t afraid. On the contrary, he admitted it and revealed to them what was more important than his fear. His faith. All of his life, Philip watched his parents face down fear with three words.

God’s got us!

Today, Philip walks the same path of courage. He carries on the legacy, passing along to his sons who will one day look back at the life of their father and see the challenges faced with three words. God’s got us.

What legacy are you leaving? Are you displaying the courage that comes from faith in Jesus? It isn’t too late. No matter your age, no matter the mistakes you’ve made thus far in creating a legacy. You can begin leaving a legacy of courage by making the decision to walk in faith. Show your children that you will walk courageously by faith, even if that means apologizing to them for the mistakes you’ve made and repeating those three words. God’s got us!

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