A Life Worth Trying

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself!

You wanna be a person of your own? Stop letting society dictate how you life your life. And start taking charge of who you wanna be and the kind of life you wanna live!

Art comes it all it’s forms! Dance, acting, music, journaling, self expression through creative writing of any kind: journaling, stories both fiction and non-fiction.

It’s a great form of therapy aside from therapy itself that is truly recommended for recovery from any mental illness. As well as practicing mindfulness, meditations, CBT & DBT!

Creativity: the more you have, the better a creative life you can live when you set your mind to something.

Whatever you want to create in your life, be creative, have fun, be yourself snd look dope while you do it!

Everyone is different and unique in their own ways. Being different should never be viewed as a negative or bad thing or quality being a human being.

So regardless even of all the convincing facts and speeches society gives us, we should only give in to the voice inside. Nor the voice of society.

Being imaginative is part of being successful with using creativity. You wanna live a creative life as well as being a creative person in the world regardless of those saying the real importance of being a responsible citizen of society.

But really the sense of being a citizen of society mainly. You wanna start that journey, start with yourself and by that I mean on the inside because that’s not just where it starts but where it counts!

The inside qualities in a human being are valuable than those in the outside of a person.

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