Art Of Loving Ourselves

Put the past behind you

For long enough I’ve come to accept and realize that I needed to leave the past behind and let go of what I expect my future to be and focus on what’s ahead of me! Walk forwards not backwards. Just like these lyrics called: Tomorrow In A Bottle by Timbaland ft. Chad Kroeger.

  • I’m waiting for the day that, together we could find another way back. Put everything we’ve got in stake lets worry about today. And put tomorrow in a bottle. (bottle)
  • If there’s some way that. We can take back the wrong that we created we can change that. Don’t turn your head the other way. Your born to save today. Put tomorrow in a bottle. Lets put tomorrow in a bottle (bottle)

I’m working on letting go more of the past and focusing on the present moment (mindfulness) to help me not think or worry abort the future! I am in which control of my life and myself, no need to control or worry about my future than I should be!

“I can justify, all the mistakes in my life. It’s taught me to be, it’s given’ me, me. And I’ll survive. Cuz I have blessed myself.” – Lucy Hale

I’ve made many mistakes in my life so far and I will continue to because that’s part of being human. And I will accept my mistakes and learn from them and continue to look forward! Focusing on the present to help me gain the future I want!

Loving myself and loving my life has been something I’ve been working on which hasn’t been one it easy. But it has definitely been worth it all! And yet still more to achieve and overcome! Which I am working on being more open easily with accepting what I may not know or realize easily enough!

It’s not your job to like me. Its mine.

It’s my job to like me, and no one else’s. If society doesn’t like me, that’s fine. I know not everyone will like me and I’ve made peace and acceptance of that!

And since I’ve accepted that as well with all my progress with loving myself and liking myself just the way I am, I stopped looking/seeking for everyone’s validation and acceptance. And I love that I have achieved that! It’s not my problem that others don’t like me. I am me whole-heartedly and I’m more than completely happy, content, confident and proud of who I am!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve found myself wanting and waiting for my parents to give me grace for those big moments which I did get minus for those small things which I wanted, but was lacking of from my parents.

And sometime this year (2017) I finally made the decision/choice to stop waiting for that day when my parents see the logic and knowledge on giving yourself and others grace for both small and big moments in one’s life and just focus on myself! Focus on giving myself grace because I deserve to and I have every right to!

Loving myself hasn’t been one bit of what I had expected because of how my parents made me not focus or work towards this. Because they showed/expressed that taking time for myself as selfish is wrong. But with enough time, I learned that it is selfish but the other definition of the term.

They can think whatever they want but I’m not gonna let them continue making me feel so ugly and hatful for myself. Self love instead of self hate. Because that when more self criticism, and self harm happens if it isn’t stopped.

“Yeah, I’ve been through it all just to find in the end. I can bless myself. There’s no need for someone’s help. There’s no one to blame. There’s no one else to save you but yourself.” – Lucy Hale

Yeah I’ve been through more than I thought I would and more than I wanted, but through it all and how I handled it all, I made it out alive and I’m better for it! Because I let it make me stronger and wiser in the end!

I’m done letting my parents and sister control me and try their best to destroy me after all the hard work I have put into myself and my life. Little over 2 years in recovery and full of great success, I’m not gonna let all of that go to waste.

I’m gonna continue seeing all my great successes and follow my path my way to achieving more and doing all those things I couldn’t do while mentally ill. It’s my life, I decide how I choose to live it and who I choose to be! And this song represents me here in this moment!

I’m a women now that I have finally come to the realization and maturity of believing I am one. After all that time that others have labeled or called me a women being the age that I am, I was just not there yet. But I’m here now and I’m so much better because of all the work I did to get these results!

I am healthy and beautiful just as I am! I like myself just the way I am and I’m not gonna change anything about me just to impress anyone or to meet anyone’s expectations or standards. I have my own and that’s what I’m gonna strive for!

I have spent the past 2 years dedicated to myself in recovery with mental illness and replacing self hate with self love, kindness, and compassion!

I am in love with what we are, not what we should be. ~ Ke$ha

I am in love with what I am and all that I am! And I won’t change for anyone because I like and love myself just as I am flaws and all!

I like myself just as I am and I’m gonna give myself the self love that I deserve as well with the grace I have found myself wanting and waiting for my parents.

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself! ~ Coco Chanel

I lost my self worth for so long but I’ve taken back the power I lost and am better for it! And I couldn’t thank myself more than I am for that!

Self care is something that I’ve been working on and practicing everyday since day one (April 25th, 2015) and continue to progress and achieve more as time comes and goes!

I am more than imperfect enough and that’s just the way I like it! I love myself for all I am and all that I will be!

I have the power within me to gain the life I want and intend of living! And that’s what I’m gonna do! I’m gonna take the power and all else to earn those results!

I am more able to recognize my own inner beauty now that I’ve progressed as well as I have with my mental health recovery!

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