Barbie Perfection

Perfection is so unhealthy yet an unattainable goal. Perfection makes more of a mess than it would solve problems itself if it could.

I face my demons, yeah, I paid my dues. I had to grow up, I wish you could too. I wanted to save you, but I can only save myself. Oh, I can only be the change you want to see. Yeah, to see.

It takes two, two sides to every story. Not just you. I can’t keep ignoring. I admit half of it, I’m not that innocent, oh yeah. It takes two, two sides to every story. Not just me. You can’t keep ignoring. But let me be first. baby to say I’m sorry (I’m sorry).

I point my finger but it does me no good. I look in the mirror and it tells me the truth, yeah. Why all these lessons always learned the hard way. Is it too late to change?

There’s that one definition of beauty that gets to a lot of us. That kind of beauty that’s all over those magazines. Those Victoria Secret models modelling their perfect or skinny figure. With all the perfect assets and fit body that we all so dearly crave and dream having one day.

But in the real reality here, it’s not healthy. Yeah some of these models may have an okay and healthy body but we shouldn’t focus our minds on that being our set goal. We should set ourself to a goal that’s more healthy and not so much realistic but also more confident and dangerous.

You know if you’ve seen that dangerous level of confidence whether you’ve seen it in yourself or someone else. Well it’s time to start embracing the one and only body that God has given us and to be confident with all it makes us as a human being and as a person in society.

Being beautiful on the inside means accepting yourself for the person that you are meant to be or are currently working on becoming fully. It’s feeling absolutely comfortable in your own skin.

And by that I mean in your own skin, accept your imperfections just as you are. Not being comfortable in comfy lounge clothes on your comfy couch watching tv series or movies on Netflix.

Being comfortable in your own skin looks like moments where you choose what you wear each day without having those thoughts of whether society would approve of. It’s you doing what makes you happy and what you enjoy doing as a human being without having what society thinks get in the way of your own happiness.

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