Beautiful Reasons Of Living

To me, I have been through a lot in my life of 20 years so far and where I’ve reached at the point in my life, is where I want to go out and explore the world on a level that I couldn’t experience due to focusing my energy, time, and everything else on my mental health recovery.

To me, that meant dedication and everything else to my recovery and to myself, I believe that I’ve reached the point of allowing myself to go out and experience the whole world, and do things I am truly ready for. And whatever those things and people are, my mental health recovery has helped prepare me for this moment as well as being able to use the skills, knowledge and education with so greatly.

Sometimes life just explodes all up right in front of you, and it can be hard yet different for each person with coping and responding to situations and scenarios like that.

Sometimes we act more with our emotion than we do with logic. No matter what we may think what we are following is logical but it’s not real logic. So we must learn to hold off and remember what our health teacher taught us in situations like this.

Which is to state you need time to think everything all through more on your own, walk away, think long and hard before coming back to the situation to respond in a more logical and smart way. Logic over emotions but sometimes we have every right to follow our own emotions but use some sense of logic if it fits in with the situation or scenario.

The only thing worth doing is what we do for others. ~ Alice

There’s always that beauty you can easily see in each different kind of flower. Lilacs, tulips, roses, and many others!

To me those are my three fave flowers!