Emotional Intelligence

When it comes to being positive, being negative is easy enough over being positive. Because being positive takes strength, courage, motivation, hard work, commitment and much else.

It’s like how easy it is to gain weight but takes a lot more work to lose that weight. Or how easy it is to make a mess in our room or closet and then it takes a lot of effort (for some people) and more time to clean up the mess.

Love comes is many different forms and shapes. It’s not just the romantic and family kind of love but also a love that one person has with oneself. To love oneself unconditionally!

And when it comes to the other two, one must learn to love oneself fully to fully learn and be able to treat and love others too. To know what that love looks like and how we can express that love!

Love as stated in the previous chapter, comes in its many different forms and kinds. Family, romantic and love for oneself too. As well as what each kind of love looks like and what it gives as what we should express and respond in return with.

However we treat ourselves gives others the idea of how to treat them. If you want to be treated with kindness, care, love and much more, one must practice that with themselves first until they’ve mastered it to the point where they can truly use what they learned and gained from practicing that kind of love for themselves, towards others in result.

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