Exploring Life With Mental Health

Hello readers, bloggers, friends and followers! I’m here to talk about my perspective on exploring life and well living with mental illness and taking care of my mental health in the reality and view I’m looking through.

To start off, I’d like to say that I never thought I’d find myself with experiences with mental illness and having to live with it. You know when you are in the stage of not quite at the beginning of starting your journey in recovery where you are suffering with your mental illness? Well that was a moment for me that I couldn’t see of how I could possibly be benefited with my experiences with mental illness.

Because I was so deep with my depression, (as clearly explained by: Sabrina Benaim) I was unable to because of how clouded my judgments were then and how it wasn’t the kind of moment where I could remotely understand how I could benefit with these experiences with mental illness.

For me, it wasn’t until a certain point (can’t pinpoint exactly on a timeline of when I came to this realization or discovery) where I had discovered many benefits of living with mental illness. And I gotta comment that it surprised me by how much I could benefit with mental illness.

Though we will still have our past there, we know we shouldn’t give it power over us to bring back that emotional pain and suffering back into the picture again. As much as we may feel weak in some moments, we know we gotta be strong! And so here’s one little convincing, yet relatable and inspiring post to add on being strong, faking our real emotions and pain plus the reasons behind our smiles.

You know how people always tell us to be strong and even we find ourselves doing the same thing and yet so many of us struggle to do exactly that: be strong.

Though that can turn to hiding our pain by faking it. You remember that saying: “fake it till you make it” well I never really liked that quote in a way that meant I really have a lot of experience with faking it.

I’m saying this because I have found myself repeatedly enough faked it with a smile for way too long without even seeking help or guidance from someone who I could feel comfortable talking to without getting shame or negative judgment from. Which basically puts my parents and sister not an option here, which caused more than enough mental health issues along with many other problems in the mental health area.

Anyway, for as long as I can say, I had that pattern repeat on a daily basis and basically saying it enough to a point where I started to believe the lies I was telling myself and everyone I communicated with. Which as I think back to this fact, it does make me feel a little hard broken in a way due to how I was so blind to how I was actually believing my own lies.

Anyway, as I have been working on myself for the past 2.5 years, a lot has become clear to me which has helped with how much progress I’ve made in that time period. And with all that time, had given me a lot of wisdom, and I gotta say I’m so proud of myself. And I give myself permission to be proud of such a huge accomplishment that doesn’t get the attention nor the right responses from society.

And so I’d like to say that I’m giving myself more opportunities to smile more, be more honest, authentic (one of my faves), more creative and anything else that would be good to add to this list!

Anyway, to conclude this chapter, I’d like to close it off by saying that as much as we feel we won’t get the right response or attention form others when we choose to be honest with things that we know is easier for society to make negative judgment on along with shaming us, we gotta speak up for ourselves to anyone who we feel comfortable talking to!

Eventually it will help us overcome those anxieties, fear, worries, stress, depression and others to move forward with our lives!

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