Forgive Yourself

It’s All About Self Love

Being all that you are, you are truly all that you should be and no one including yourself should change to impress nor to gain acceptance by others to be happy… If you want to be accepted, refer back to chapters, 19, 22, & 24!

No one can take away your identity nor your personality unless you let them. If you like who you are, show the world who you are and what you are truly capable of! You’ll won’t just impress and surprise others but yourself too!

When it comes to being positive, being negative is easy enough over being positive. Because being positive takes strength, courage, motivation, hard work, commitment and much else.

It’s like how easy it is to gain weight but takes a lot more work to lose that weight. Or how easy it is to make a mess in our room or closet and then it takes a lot of effort (for some people) and more time to clean up the mess.