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Happy Lifestyle

To me, happiness is important just like it is for everyone else. But we all have our own lessons and such in our past lives that have taught us how truly important it is to guard and protect our happiness.

Like how we have a guard and all kinds of scenarios and traumatic events in our lives in which have taught us to be more cautious when opening ourselves up to someone and even keep it up which will cause problems. Regardless of anything that we fear or are scared of, we must allow ourselves to get hurt because that’s how we learn and become stronger.

So many events in anyone’s life can teach us many valuable things and to me, I’ve had a fair share of them which have taught me so much in which I’m so truly grateful for because of all that they have taught me for each one.

And yeah it can be hard to let our guard down and with bringing up whatever triggered or caused us to decide to be more cautious or rather more like holding our guard up higher than we actually should for fear of getting hurt; we may be scared, but we have to allow ourselves to open ourselves up to others regardless of what we fear or are scared for.

But to further in detail for me on my own happiness, I’ve been through a lot which I’ve previously mentioned before and because of that, as well as allowing myself to learn and become stronger mentally and wiser, I’ve been able to grow up more each day and to become the person that I’ve always been meant to be as well as achieving all the things I want to acheive with my life.

And with that, there is some kind of stigma for me in my parents house as for I’m still living with my parents (in which I hope and plan to move out before my sister graduates from her college program at Georgian); with the whole psycology and mental health subject.

For me here on this note, I intend on pursuing a career in the psycology path and more focused of the path of “clinical mental health counsellor” because I feel with all that I’ve been through with my mental health; I’m able to use my experiences and everything I’ve learned from them into a career. It gives me so much meaning in this world and I just want to contribute more to help end the stigma and discrimination around mental illness.

I’ve been there with more than enough experience, education and knowledge to use in this career. It’s become a dream of mine to pursue as a second career. Which I’ve come to say many people pursuing more than one career after another.

Some may even not know what they wanna do when they graduate from high school. But anyway, I have finally graduated as of today with my office administration, general program at Conestoga College which I will continue to apply to jobs in both retail and office related jobs to help work towards it though my parents said they would pay for another career for me in which I feel passionate for in college if I wanted.

Though I’m still doing more research on what colleges offer the program I wanna study and pursue later in my life. As well as working on finding the right words to explain to my parents what brought me to this as a second career and why.

Which won’t be easy because the few other times I talked to my parents about my idea/plan on pursuing a second career in psychology, showed more than enough stigma around it as well as lack of education on their end. But I’m more than willing to to more research and the work in the program when that time comes around.

But I do intend on speaking to the person at the college for disibilities to help plan a more spaced or more managed course plan. As for how my 2nd seemst of the office admin, general program went with taking on 8 courses full of work which I thought I could handle but more htan enough proof states fact or belief incorrect. Which is why I’d want to spread out the courses meaning taking longer to complete the program and graudate in the psycology field.

To end off here, my passion for mental health is so crucially important to me and I am more than willing to use it with my special gifts and talents (& purpose) in the career because it gives me great meaning living in our world and our society. It also makes me happy as for it gives me great meaning in this world.

I couldn’t have it any other way of using my life with my purpose in a career where I’m able to use my experiences and advocacy in the job itself. And I will not let anything around the stigma and discrimination change that plan of mine. I’m standing by this and I’m not backing down, no matter what!

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