Happy People

Thinking, Doing Differently

Happiness from your own choices and decisions to make your own happiness, health and life an important priority!

When it comes to creating yourself, it does involve experiencing many things in which we don’t nor agree with in life. Life is unfair at times and yes it’s also not all in our full control. Though many things are; and enough of those things we do have the full control of. Like how we let anything in life impact us in our life.

And it also takes losing ourself to really find who we truly are and who we are meant to be. That person, no one can tell us not to be, as long as we don’t let them. They can say whatever they want, but it’s within our control and choice of how we let it impact our life.

To me, I’ve been through enough obstacles in which have helped me recreate myself after I lost myself. I lost sight of my true self due to being all caught up in meeting society’s expectations and standards to be accepted from. Doing this, made me ask myself if I would be accepted by society if I wore this, said that, or did this. It was a constant cycle and in which I gained the wrong sense of self with all it is made of being human.

This lead me to at some point after going through severe depression and some anxiety struggles; to a better, healthier, and positive life as I started on my long journey in recovery. Which also involves recreating myself once I found myself after being so numb and paralyzed for long enough.

But through the 2 years in my recovery, (2 years, April 24 – 5th 2015 – 2017) lead me to a life I truly deserve. And yes it was hard work, but it was and still is worth it all. For it all, I’ve really come to believe as well as still working on myself and changing constantly, I will enjoy and be rewarded with some rewarding moments whatever they are.

For all the hard work I put into my recovery, it feels all worthwhile with all the pain I experienced including the painful, numbing and paralyzing moments.

“Surround yourself with people who see your value and remind you of it.” ~ Unknown

I’m grateful and thankful for myself: for all that I’ve been through and all that I’ve worked hard with in my recovery for my mental health, I feel so unbelievably amazing and proud!

I’m beyond amazed, proud, happy, confident, content and just overall amazing with how it all has lead me to where I am now and what all I’m feeling about it all! I can go on further in beyond depth detail but that’s for another day!

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