Happy Purpose

We all want to inspire something great even sometimes we inspire things that in which we aren’t mindfully aware of because we are focused more on bettering ourselves and achieving the life we want to live.

But to me, inspiring others has become part of my life purpose in which has been attached to my passion and advocacy for mental health. My advocacy as well as my own mental health and wellbeing, is so crucially important to me. It’s important enough on a level of not putting my mental health at risk when coming to any choices or decisions. Only choosing those in which help better my mental health as well as making it stronger and making best out of the one and only life I have to live with only one body to live it with.

To me, it took me about 20.5 years to fully create the person I was always meant to be after so much that I’ve been through and experienced enough on those painful and traumatic levels. But to add to that, with all my experiences as I slowly started educating myself after the little ounce of education I got in my grade 12 health class, it came to me about turning my experiences particularly with mental health and mental illness into a career.

For about a year now as of May, I’ve come to share here that I’ve had the idea and more full in depth detail and consideration of pursuing in the “clinical mental health counsellor” career path definitely real soon. Though I’m still working on having enough courage and finding the right words to say when I plan on having the conversation with my parents but more serious than ever (as with how my mom is slowly educating herself in which I have no idea though there’s still a whole load of stuff both herself, my dad and my younger sister don’t currently know but can be greatly impacted by if they allow themselves to the new changes). As well as being uncomfortable which is a good thing in the process of change.

For me, I have found an increasingly great amount of passion with mental health as for my advocacy for it as well with my own mental struggles and issues with mental health and my mental condition. But with where I’m at with my life at this point, I do believe I need to work more towards planning that start with pursuing in the mental health/psychology field real soon as well as getting out in the public more other than spending time with family and hanging out at the cafe downtown and occasionally or so spending time with my friends.

I’ve been searching for opportunities to connect with those my age who live with mental illness and to also make greater uses of my advocacy, passions and purpose with mental health and the other parts of my purpose; more often and frequently other than just posting, tweeting online for mental health and writing inspiring, relatable, uplifting, encouraging blog posts on my blogs (Tumblr, WattPad, Medium and Wordpress).

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