Identificational Chapter

This is my time. It’s my chance to make a life of my own, even though I’ve been being my own person and making a life of my own on my own terms for over a year maybe even two years while in recovery with mental illness.

And I’m proud of every accomplishment in my recovery! And now I’m really for new changes in my life and much more that I’m fully ready for because I wasn’t ready till now! 🎉✔️☀️🌈

Now and then it’s good to pause in your pursuit of happiness and just be happy! ~ Guillaume Apollinaire

Think about yourself in the future. Imagine that everything has gone as well as it possibly could. Think of this as the realization of all your dreams. Now write about what you imagined!

I see myself with a potential boyfriend who’s handsome, cute, sweet, lucky and special and much more, taking the relationship seriously and long term! Eventually along the road discuss plans moving into a place together!

I also see myself working at a place into the career I studied in college for as well as using my talents, gifts and advocacy for mental health and more in my free time…

As well as being happier at this stage in my life!

What 3 good things have happened recently?

  1. Being happier than ever, continue with recovery and treatment and much more!
  2. Working towards earning my G2 licence!
  3. Being more able to talk, feel and be more energetic more/a lot more than before change in medication!

No worries, stresses with me in my life at this point! Just continue with recovery and treatment as well as trusting Hod with his plan for me with my life!

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