Inner Confidence Conquers All

I’m thinking about making and creating some new changes in my life! I know how hard it is and what involves to let and allow change happen in my life. I know life isn’t easy nor never will be as the same goes with human beings.

But I’m willing to feel uncomfortable and the element of risk that come with making the commitment, motivation, dedication and inspiration that comes with it.

“With every big decision, comes with an equally important share of the risk.”~ Demi Lovato!

Wanting the kind of changes I want in my life is really and crucially important to me and I’m willing to start working towards them to increase and improve my mood more as I progress and work along in my recovery with some struggles along the way!

I’m willing to work hard and feel uncomfortable and put myself in the risk zone as for it’s part of the change cycle! It’s more than work the risk! Because I believe in it very strongly enough, that I’d fight for it all the way!

I want the change and I’m willing to live with the risks to get what I want!

I don’t want my parents to convince me like usual to not go through with the kind of changes I want: because they don’t believe in any of the things I believe in.

I wish they could want for me what I want for myself!
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