Light Up The World

Imagination has endless possibilities when you set your mind to being creative with what you want to achieve in your life. Whatever you want, be creative and have fun!

Many of us are told that many of some of our dreams, ideas, thoughts are unrealistic, stupid, etc. But don’t listen to those voices, listen to your own voice instead. Listen to your heart! ❤️

Sometimes creativity happens when we are inspired in some way. Inspiration is all around us, we just have to open our minds and eyes enough to see it so we can let it inspire us to create the life and things we want when we set our minds to it.

And it also involves bent mindful. And one part about being mindful is putting aside our judgments and just being fully present in the moment. And I believe many people struggle with doing this part of mindfulness!

When it comes to being creative, sometimes we find ourselves at a road block. Like when you’re writing something for school, work or for personal reasons, and you come to what you would call a “writers block”!

I’m sure many of us have been there and are unsure of how to save ourselves from what caused the problem and help us move forward creatively with what we are working on.

Well to me, I’ve come to those moments while working on my biography in which is stuck at 46,000 words as per my plan to focus more on my mental health recovery and gaining a job and working on a love life which will work itself out. Due to this plan of mine, and before it came to this, I found that listening to music helps the words flow from your confused, stressed mind.

Whatever is going through your mind, music helps to clear the mind in ways that can blow your mind (in positive and good ways), as well as aromatherapy does too tremendously!

And back to finishing what I was talking about with my plan for my biography book that has come to a hold at 46,000 words; well I do have a lot more to add content wise other than the remaining work on editing after spending my last day working on; 3 hours spent on editing.

Regardless of that, I do have about pretty much 2 years to add in which will mean maybe 2.5 years to add when the time feels right to get back in the writing mode and eventually set on a release date to publish on Amazon or some publishing site I’ve already created an account with.

I found the punishing site in which my college English professor from Conestoga College mentioned the site to me when I brought up my project of my own biography and my plan to publish it someday!

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