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Alright, so with where I am now with my mental health recovery and my whole life overall, that I’ve progressed well enough to earn some real surprises and rewards. For example, to go out on a date to work on pursuing a love life which I believe I am fully ready for!

A love life! What I feel I’m ready for! Before we went to do our meditation in our meeting last night, there was one thing from the week’s homework that I wanted to discuss which was the “change readiness self assessment” like I’ve already stated my results in a previous moment yesterday or Tuesday, I scored: “ready for change”!

Which makes me happy, especially with all that I’ve been through and all that I put up with (parents), I truly deserve to have fun on a date, be myself and just act normal hoping it goes well beyond the 3rd date!

In which the girls in the meeting last night, talked about it due to me not having any experience nor really much knowledge in the “love life” area, which I truly appreciated and also stated that I can message any one of the girls if I am in wonder or have questions in that area…

I love that and I will keep that in mind and definitely message them when in need of advice, tips and knowledge! Just in case Courtney doesn’t reply in enough time with her super busy schedule!

Relationship status: Single

Current situation: Other

I’m a passionate advocate for mental health. I enjoy being creative in all ways I intend to use my creativity, listening to music, spending time with friends, especially speaking online and in the real world about my own mental struggles and encourage others to do the same, being optimistic, a huge fan of romantic comedies, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato…

Most days I find myself…

Most days when I’m in places like working and at social events with friends and co-workers; I feel great and impacts my mood greatly. Even though I’ve been taking a Vitamin D supplement prescribed by my doctor who diagnosed me, since December 2016, I’ve been feeling better from working at my seasonal job but that ended so I’m bored and wish I had a part time job at least to keep me busy and occupied. And no luck with any job postings for office admin/secretary jobs, just applying to part time retail jobs in the meantime till some secretary job comes up!

Given what I know now, I would recommend others…

Happier.com: it has really helped and benefited me greatly! Happier is another social media app both on Apple & Samsung. The founder of Happier is Nataly Kogan (research her only, her background and history will fascinate you!): the app isn’t much like the other social media apps at all but more different in all its unique and creative ways.

It calls their posts as happier moments. And users and happier. And it also offers courses to help you educate yourself to improve your mental abilities, skills and so much more.

It also has been known for an online community who offer support, guidance, help, advice, tips, life learning skills and much more! It may not be as fast as asking questions if help from a shrink but you’ll learn so much like I have in the 4 years I’ve been a part of the happier community!

I would truly recommend this app for it has impacted myself in my life greatly in ways I never imagined or saw coming.

When I’m having a bad day, I like to…

Listen to music, use some aromatherapy products: Eucalyptus Spearmint, watch Grey’s Anatomy (currently on season 9/12 on Netflix)! As well as cuddling with my cuddly cat, Franka

My life has changed in this way…

My life has changed in so many ways which I had to control those that I can control and make a life of my own on my own terms and being my own person was part of what changed my life. As well as choosing to work on progressing with my mental health recovery. I do live with depression (severe) but I do not let it define me nor destroy me, only let it make me stronger and wiser in the long run!

Yeah, I may only be 20 but I have more than enough experience living and suffering with the mental condition which I’m so proud of myself being in recovery for about 2 years.

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