Second Chances

Sometimes life just explodes all up right in front of you, and it can be hard yet different for each person with coping and responding to situations and scenarios like that.

Sometimes we act more with our emotion than we do with logic. No matter what we may think what we are following is logical but it’s not real logic. So we must learn to hold off and remember what our health teacher taught us in situations like this.

Which is to state you need time to think everything all through more on your own, walk away, think long and hard before coming back to the situation to respond in a more logical and smart way. Logic over emotions but sometimes we have every right to follow our own emotions but use some sense of logic if it fits in with the situation or scenario.

A lot of times, we can find ourselves easily able to give up when things and life itself become hard and tough. But through it all, we eventually find ourselves holding on even regardless of how hopeless we may feel for a while longer at least.

The beauty of life is noticed truly with the whole view of the whole picture of life itself when one chooses to view life in a positive way that sees its true beauty. Yeah life may not be perfect nor do we have as much control over how we get to live our lives nor what happens and what doesn’t, we have more than enough of the ability and control to live healthier, more positive and productive lives when we allow ourselves to.

And so it’s our time to stop that cycle of viewing life with most of its negative effects as well as every single detail of life that we do not like, hate, disagree nor want to deal with. Whether we like it or not, we have to accept that we don’t have as much control as we may like to, but we do have enough to control how we get treated. As an act of self love looks when one is able to recognize when one person is treating her/him badly/ with no respect or the proper treatment in which one truly believes she/he deserves. And in the further scenario here, comes with being able to act on it in a way that’s emotionally intelligent.