Sparkly Personality

To me, I have finally created the real and honest personality that was meant to form inside of me. It was meant to find my soul. To find something real and some meaning to live for.

And that should never be taken away from anyone nor no one should let anyone take that away from them. Because it’s too real, too precious, and so vitally important and close to one’s heart!

It’s that spark you get when you let your passion and purpose ignite to express your true talent. And that moment, you finally understand how your purpose and passion are so crucially important to you and why it’s important to have meaning in your life.

And for myself, I won’t let anyone take away my spark towards my passion and purpose because it’s strong enough and I’m strong enough to not let anything that means something greatly to me and that is close to my heart, be taken away!

Because its too important, too valuable and too real to give up that easily!