Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone If You Want Better Change

To grow as a person, you need to become comfortable at being uncomfortable.

Don’t Waste The Human Being That You Truly Are

It’s an absolute waste of our time and our whole being as a human to be someone that we are not and to not live the life we want to. How do you see it as not that if you aren’t happy?

To me, I’ve made many choices and decisions to help make my parents happy, but in what logic does it make sense if I’m not happy myself?

So I’ve made the decision and choice to continue like I’ve been for a little while now of making choices and decisions for myself in which I believe is what’s best for me as well as what makes me happy and gives me meaning and purpose!

Inner change! Something I had to work on for the 2 years that I have with all the damage I had to work with. To make me less of a failure, less of a let down, an embarrassment, and so much more into more of a real human being with some mental problems.

We all have our own mental problems, some or many of us refuse to be open and willing to accept and admit our wrong doings, mistakes and everything else that we have done wrong and all that have made us the wrong and unhealthy human beings that we are.

We have to accept and respect that that’s the reality of that. And in more detail, one thing I’ll add being that perfection is so overrated and being perfect as what others like our own parents is just wrong, unethical,, unhealthy and just plain unfair and selfish, for sure.

Nothing in life is easy and many things in life we won’t like nor agree with, and we just have to accept that or we will end up making a mess of our own life if we don’t.

“You can have a lot of friends and still feel alone. That’s why it’s always important to take care of you.” ~ Unknown

Happiness is the quality or state of being happy.

To me, mental health, mental wellbeing and overall health is so important to me just as much as my advocacy for mental health and mental illness. In more detail, it’s something I not only believe in strongly but strongly enough I’d fight for it all the way, and 24/7. To me, taking care of my myself in the way of caring for my own brain, really makes me happy because it stands for part for part of why I believe in mental health in the first place.

Being an advocate for mental health and living in our world with such stigma around it is not at all easy to what anyone may think or imagine to be. You have to either put yourself in my shoes or unless you may have had some experience with mental illness of your own to know what it’s like living in a world with the stigma around something as important as our own health.

If it’s challenging you, testing you, & pushing you…it’s helping you become more of who you’re meant to be. – Mandy Hale

It’s time to stop putting the key to your own happiness in someone else’s pocket and start taking more responsibility and control of how we take care of ourselves and our own happiness. It’s our own responsibility and it’s in all our own control to do what we wanna do that makes us happy.

Regardless of what anyone wants us to do or what looks, feels and appears right to others, people become blinded to what matters, we have every right to do what makes us happy.

We all worry about the past and stress about the future, but we forget that we have enough control within ourself to not let those emotions take control of us and to make wise and intelligent choices!

It’s a lot to work on in the mental health subject but it truly does have its amazing benefits if we allow it to!

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