The Princess Knows What She Wants!

Be happy for no reason, like a child. If you are happy for a reason, you’re in trouble, because that reason can be taken away from you!

To me, I know what I want and whatever those things are, I’m more than willing enough to work hard to earn it. To be able to enjoy, cherish, treasure and be grateful during these moments!

Something that is truly important to me and what I’ve been looking forward to for so many years! And yeah I want to share here that I’m ready for some new changes in my life! ❤️👫🌈 I feel more than 💯% ready!

“Getting to know someone is a beautiful process.” ~ Unknown

A quote from “The Accidental Husband” in which is something that has helped me learn that it’s better to have real love rather than romantic love. I still want romantic love and to be honest, some moments or romantic gestures where my future boyfriend treats me with special treatment like a (serious) boyfriend would anyway, but also some cheesy, romantic gestures.

It may seem confusing how I explained it but it’s something that I truly and honestly want in my future relationship with my future boyfriend whoever he is and wherever he may be!

If you are truly serious about wanting to find real and lasting love in this town, I will have to dish out some tough love to you right now. This serial dating of yours is a waste of time. You can’t find something if you don’t know what you’re looking for. You’re playing the field, right? Hoping that somebody will want you. But it’s you who needs to figure out what it is you want. Anybody can fall in love but what you deserve is a man with the emotional journey. To stay in love, don’t settle for a boyfriend, when you can demand a man friend.

Unless you demand real love for yourself, you’re gonna get seriously hurt out there.

R – responsible?

E – equal?

A – adult?

L – loving?