And one topic to cover here, which is love. When I do find myself having a love life with an amazing partner, whoever and wherever he is; I know and believe without a doubt that I’ll know that he is real and that he is right for me and isn’t going anywhere. I may not have any experience at all in romantic relationships but I do know some real facts I’ve learned from movies, tv series and real people in the real world. And with that fact, I’m so truly grateful to have.

Anyway, I also wanna say that it will be scary to start on the path or journey with a love life but I am more than willing to feel uncomfortable to learn from my experiences and to enjoy what I call something I’ve been dreaming and wanting for so many years.

I know it seems impossible, but he could be gone just like that. So if you love him, be with him. ~ Younger

Having a love live is something I’ve been working towards along with many other important things for to say honestly: a little over 2 years and still working on it today. And I know that when the day arrives where I can go out on a date and further beyond that being in a relationship, I’ll start something real and more worthy of my life than the torture I was put through by my own parents. And how they caused me so many mental health issues and all else that has lead me to fear so much and anything else that adds up.

When it comes down to the simple acts of kindness, not everyone is easily able to recognize the real logic and choice with being kind because of their own logic, beliefs and easy judgments. Without even realizing the true and real consequences if the wrong choice is made.

Though if one does not accept after being aware of their choice and not allowing themselves to be impacted by their consequences as well as learning from them; they are only just making it harder themselves which leads to more problems in their own lives.

But, if one person decides to make the right decision and think about someone else for example, looking at their view of the scenario, how it impacts them, how it makes them feel, how they perceived the scenario; it all goes with saying that it counts enough for those who one person chooses to see other people’s views aside from their own, makes others feel like they are considered and matter to others by taking the full consideration to view something from another point of view, regardless of what one will learn and what they won’t agree, like or approve of. It’s those little thoughts of consideration for showing that kindness and that people do matter by showing/expressing that; it really does make someone feel important, like they are visible to the eyes of those around them.

If you want to live, live with a smile. Live with love, don’t cry. Don’t shed your tears. There are storms, there are disasters; in life there are ups and downs. But don’t shed your tears. Smile – pain is part of life, but finally your get joy, if you want to live, live with new hopes, live with new aspirations, live with love. Live with a smile. ~ Nagashir
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