Who Says

Selena Gomez

With all that comes with those who have their own opinion, yes it’s logical in some ways that we all are entitled to our own opinions, but not every single opinion needs to be expressed. Keep them to yourself! We can have them and are allowed to have them but not every opinion and thought should be expressed or spoken all the time.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all.

But no one should take away anyone’s freedom to speak whether that’s in person, online or anywhere else. No matter what anyone has to say against this, is only making it harder for themselves to learn lessons in each moment they come across. Do what’s best for yourself and give those the freedom they already had and respect that they have their own opinions, thoughts, beliefs, values and much else.

Don’t try to get in their way of what they want in which makes them happy because you think it’s wrong because it goes against your beliefs. We should all do all the things that make us happy, do the things we enjoy and those that give us purpose and meaning.

To do little acts of kindness, paying it forward as well as the basic rules of being a responsible citizen of society: focusing more on ourselves but still showing we care about others and their own lives! Without any judgments of any kind. If you wanna be mindful, that means you need to let go or put aside your beliefs, values, or your judgments and be fully in the present moment.

And while your at that, follow the five steps to help end the stigma around mental illness:

  1. Language Matters
  2. Listen & Ask
  3. Be Kind
  4. Educate Yourself
  5. Talk About It

Whatever I post or comment on Facebook most things around mental health and mental illness, my mom tells me to delete it. As stated yesterday about mom telling me to remove a post that part of it stated that I’m a mental health advocate, she said that I’m not an advocate.

Well that’s cuz you haven’t seen any of the many posts on my Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, WattPad and Wordpress blogs! Anyway, I’ve decided to continue advocating for mental health in all the ways that I have been but staying off Facebook with mental health and mental illness related posts, blogs, pictures and much else!

One day my parents will understand and be able to see all that they’ve blocked out from their vision and view, and things will change and will be rewarded greatly enough! Though in the meantime, I’m gonna let my parents take away my voice, they done it enough time also because I let them. Well not anymore, that’s over and a new change has already been in affect.