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From Depressed to the Person in My Dreams

A 90-day challenge to help me attain the life I really want.

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Many things have happened to me recently. Beloved people disappeared from my life, and the corona lockdown added to that.

I lost motivation, became lonely, stopped believing in myself, and lost faith in life. I was depressed. I wanted to end my life. I thought it didn’t matter anymore, and I wanted to jump in front of a train.

When I got to the station, I met an old man. He started a conversation with me and asked what I was doing here and where I was going. At that point, I was still planning to jump.

But this old man made me remember something: A conversation I had had with my uncle. I remembered my uncle’s last words and a promise I had made to him. You can’t break a promise, and I knew I couldn’t break this one.

I had promised him to fulfill his business idea and become the person in my dreams. And that is what I started doing.

I realized then that my death would bring only sorrow and that this was not the way out of a difficult time.

Now I have found the way out: To follow my dreams.


You live once. The best choice you can make is to lead your own life. Decide for yourself what you want and what you don’t want.

Because of the conversation with that man at the station, I want to change my life. I don’t want to be depressed anymore. I want to discover the world and follow my dreams, as I promised my uncle I’d do.

Follow your dreams

Everyone should follow their dreams, and that's why I’m going to follow mine. I don’t want to go back to my old life — that would just depress me again.

My dream is to be happy. To me, there are three areas of life that need to be going well in order to be truly happy: Finances, health, and love. I want to thrive in these areas.

Your happiness may be different from mine, but remember, you have to do something to attain it — it doesn’t come by itself. The finance category is the hardest one for me, so I’m going to work hard on that.

My 90-day challenge

In order to change my life, I’m going to devote 90 days to self-improvement. I want to be better financially, and find real love — not only with a partner but also with my family. I want my relationships, in general, to improve and to find real happiness.

I’m going to do this by growing a TikTok account in 90 days, writing more on this platform, investing in myself, and interacting more with family and real friends while cutting back on time spent on my phone.

When I do all these things, I’m the person in my dreams. I’m happy, and I have moments with family I’ll never forget.

Goals for the next 90 days

  1. I want to improve myself. I’ll do this by getting up earlier and reading books. In this extra time, I also want to write and learn a new language: French.
  2. I’m going to spend less money on expensive brand-name clothes and use that money for investments, which I can use later for fun times with my family.
  3. I’m going to spend a maximum of one hour per day of free time on my phone. In this hour I can decide for myself what I do. The rest of my screen time will go to business things or something I do for this challenge.
  4. I’m going to quit my job, which is my long-term goal. By writing more and growing my TikTok account in these 90 days, my goal is to earn money that I can invest so I can build passive income with real estate.
  5. I want to become happy by finding love and building passive income. I’m already healthy, but of course, I will continue to be so.

These are goals that I have set for myself in these 90 days. I’m really going to become a different person. I’m not yet the person in my dreams (this is different for everyone), but I’m taking big steps in the right direction.

I created this text to inspire you to do something with your life, follow your dreams, and become happy yourself. I often hear from older people who think it was stupid not to have followed their own dreams. I want to prevent this from happening to you.

Also, the first part of the text really happened. Being depressed is really not healthy. If you feel that you (or someone around you) are suffering from depression, please get help. Calling an expert is recommended!

Together, we can prevent suicide.



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