French pronunciation: the letter C

Here are some handy tips for pronouncing the letter C in French

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2 min readOct 24, 2022


There are two different ways to pronounce the letter C in French:

1. Like a K
2. Like an S

C + A / O / U = K

The letter C is pronounced like a K when it is in front of the letters A, O or U.

café (kah-feh)
concombre (kon-kom-breugh)
curiosité (koo-ree-oh-see-teh)

C + E / I = S

The letter C is pronounced like an S when it is in front of the letters E or I.

c’est (seh)
garçon (gar-son(g))
façade (fah-sad)

The Ç cedilla

If you put a cedilla (the little squiggle) on a letter C, it will change it from a K sound to an S sound. So, “ç” is always pronounced like an S.

ça (sah)
concombre (kon-kom-breugh)
curiosité (koo-ree-oh-see-teh)

Let’s practise

How do you pronounce these French words correctly?

  1. carottes
  2. cent
  3. c’est
  4. caleçon
  5. ça
  6. nièce
  7. circuit
  8. ciel
  9. contre
  10. cependant


  1. kah-ROT
  2. son(g)
  3. seh
  4. kal-SON(g)
  5. nee-ESS
  6. seer-KWEE
  7. see-ELL
  8. kon-treugh
  9. seugh-pon(g)-don(g)

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