If You Have Trouble Writing Add a Constraint

Your output will increase.

Set a time constraint

Having a limited amount of time to write can ward off distractions. Set a timer for a reasonable amount of time.

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Set a timer and do not get up from the chair until the buzzer goes off.

Nine times out of ten, you won’t want to stop writing after 15 minutes, you will find your groove. You will most likely reach a flow state; you will latch onto an idea you want to keep chewing on that you want to continue to parse out.

Make a task less taxing by adding more constraints

The more constraints you add, the more your internal motivation will rise.

A question of willpower

With each addition of a constraint, the need to rely on willpower diminishes.

Willpower is the ability to control oneself and the decisions one makes. It’s the ability to delay gratification and choose long-term rewards over short-term rewards.

Rely on willpower less to control your decisions by adding a constraint

Making a choice to add a limitation, like a time limit, aids in controlling one’s behavior and sets you up for success, more than relying on willpower alone.

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