By a Self-proclaimed Luddite.

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You can’t go anywhere without hearing about the OG crypto — Bitcoin. Mostly because of its record high numbers, its highest over 58K — for one “coin.”

I know nothing about computers; I resist technology. I was one of the last people to join Facebook. Tech-savvy, I am not. You can call me a Luddite, as many of my friends do. But I’ve been watching Bitcoin for two years — the native currency of the internet. I’ve even purchased some crypto, dipping my toes in, one at a time. I do understand money and how supply and demand work.


Relationships are work, but that doesn’t mean they should be hard or demoralizing.

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By UfaBizPhoto

I know you can’t outsmart love. But you can outsmart its demise. Relationships require work, but that doesn’t mean they have to be hard. We shouldn’t in a constant state of dread, turmoil, or angst with our partner.

If you’re in a continual power struggle with your best mate, you rarely see eye to eye, you spend most days bickering, or worse, you never communicate — one sign of this is, you don’t argue at all — and would rather spend time with anyone other than your partner, you need to take a hard look at your relationship.

There is…

If you concentrate on finding Ms. Right.

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I married Mr. Good Enough. He was nice. He was educated. He came from a good family, and I thought he would make a good father.

Check, check, and check.

He was good enough. Until, he thought I wasn’t. He was nice, until he was nice to someone else.

I married him anyway.

Under society’s hypnotic spell of false and inaccurate beliefs. Conditioned and educated by too many Disney movies, rom-coms and parental role models doing their best. Seducing my mores with stories of princes rescuing princesses from evil step-mothers, dragons, and a lifetime of loneliness.

American culture succeeded in…

Where we go one we go all.

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A little over two years ago, while in the kitchen with my daughter after she spent a weekend at her dad’s house, she dropped this on me,

“I don’t want daddy to drop me off at school anymore.”

Taking my daughter to school isn’t a small task. It is 30 minutes one way (we live in LA) and sometimes an hour back (traffic). That means some days I’m in the car for 3 hours total to and from her school — a huge time suck. I do most of the driving. He sometimes takes her once a week.

I tried…

— the Night Before.

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It was 5:55 pm. I had just dropped my five-year-old off at a Trader Joe’s parking lot where her father was waiting in a parked car for her, a neutral territory only those going through a not so amicable divorce can appreciate. As I was getting back into my car and he was strapping our daughter into the car seat in his car, he yelled, “I called to pay for half of the food order, and they said it was canceled.”

It was less than 17 hours before my daughter’s 6th birthday party held in a park next to an…

Not one published in 2020.

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Books make us wise. They allow us to see from another’s perspective through story. A good book can take you out of your own life and drop you into someone else’s, taking you to a place you’ve never been while giving you lessons you’d never learn otherwise. Books feed the soul, as well as the mind.

Twyla Tharp said,

I read for growth, firmly believing that what you are today and what you will be in five years depends on two things: the people you meet and the books you read.

All the books on the list I would read…

How to increase real intimacy.

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Growing up, my father was either in a bad mood or good mood depending on how his children were behaving, what grades we were receiving, and how clean our rooms were (think Captain von Trapp before a nun put him in his place). Or, if something negative happened at the office, my dad would take it out on us. I thought this was normal.

It is not.

We each are responsible for our own emotional wellbeing, the actions of others should not determine our happiness, or we’ll have a long, rough road ahead.

Your partner isn’t responsible for your internal…

Habits, productivity, and systems.

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Whether you are a writer, the boss, a manager, an entrepreneur, or a parent, we all struggle with productivity and creating good habits.

Thanks to the pandemic giving me hours back from not having to drive and do things out in the world, I’ve had the most productive and lucrative year to date since I started blogging five years ago. Stuck inside and nowhere to go, I chose to seize the opportunity of gaining time to write and work on my blog.

Challenging times reveal who we are.

More than a few times, I wallowed in the fear overwhelming the…

Porn marketed to women.

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Porn. Everyone has a different reaction to that word.

Overall, porn isn’t a good habit for anybody; it objectifies and dehumanizes women. It can be violent, and most of it sets unrealistic expectations for real-life sex, associated with lower sexual satisfaction.

According to Psychology Today, “porn users report altered sexual tastes, less satisfaction in their relationships, and real-life intimacy and attachment problems.”

Not to mention what it is doing to our teen’s brains. They are learning about unrealistic sexual intercourse, encounters, and penis size.

A woman in her early 60s from Vermont gave a talk at my daughter’s school for…

Set the pass-fail bar low.

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I wonder what I’ll cobble together for dinner tonight?

I really should have gone to the store yesterday. There’s nothing in the frig.

I have to stop listening to the Dipsea app and start listening to Calm, then I wouldn’t suck at meditating.

These are just some of the thoughts swirling in my head as I sit and fail at meditating.

Meditation is something I’ve struggled practicing with any sort of consistency. I’m well aware of the benefits. I’ve felt them. I’ve had periods when I meditate every day, only to give up after 30 days, three months, six months…

The Happy Spot

“We read to know we are not alone.” ― C.S. Lewis

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