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10 Jedi mind tricks for getting out of your own way to make great things happen

  • Not knowing if the idea is any good or worth pursuing
  • Fear of failure (or in some cases success)
  • Judgement from others
  • No idea where to start and how to turn ideas into action
  • Too much attachment to one idea
  • A lack of focus and accountability

Limiting beliefs

1. I’ll be dead soon (and it really won’t matter them)

Yep I was on that bus, only a concrete bridge saved us from a 50ft drop into a New Zealand river in 1996. I fractured my back and was in hospital for 2 weeks but it could have been so much worse.

2. Nobody cares (everyone is so busy with their own shit)

3. I rarely regret doing something (but almost always regret not doing it)

4. Someone, somewhere will benefit from this (so get over yourself)

5. Great ideas come from average ones (progress is key)

6. My job is to collect nos

7. Procrastination is fear (so find a simple and fun place to start)

8. Money is never a reason to stand still

9. You’re at Round 1 (and your job is only to get to Round 2)

10. Nobody knows WTF they’re doing (so stop worrying and get on with it)



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