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🔥 10 ways to turn life’s obstacles into your purpose rocket fuel

Yesterday’s Fireside chat with William McNeely was up there with the very best since we started doing these 12 months ago.

In 2019 after finding himself days from death and facing a double lung transparent, William created an incredible foundation called Do Greater in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

It started out with an idea to bring creativity and entrepreneurship away from the privileged few, to underserved communities in the city. He crowdfunded a truck, going to the heart of the community and inviting in 15 kids at a time to learn from mentors and industry professionals.

Their mission is best summed up in this quote:

“For every young person with a bright spark of hope and a pathway for his or her future, there is another, not so far away, living day to day without the necessities to light his or her own path.”

William (affectionately known as “Coach Mac”) and his team are now building a co-working and co-learning space to inspire and empower the next generation to fulfil their potential, find their purpose and create opportunities that may otherwise not have been available to them.

We were fortunate to meet him recently after he joined our community and and are excited to have this opportunity to share his amazing story and work with you.

Here are our takeaways from our conversation about how to turn adversity into a legacy:

  1. Reframe any problems you face as opportunities
  2. Focus on what’s ahead, not what is in your way
  3. Get clear on your core and what makes you you
  4. Time is precious when you’ve got things to do
  5. Everyone is creative (but not everyone has the same opportunity)
  6. Your story matters, but the vision is key
  7. Use your purpose as fuel for the impossible
  8. If someone doesn’t get what you’re doing, move on to those that do
  9. Don’t let distractions destroy your dreams
  10. Think about how your work can live beyond you

And finally don’t wait for a health crisis to kick you into action.

Rather than settle for OK or just good, what would doing greater look like for you?

🎥 Watch the replay here or support Do Greater’s work



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Laurence McCahill

Laurence McCahill

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