5 Goosebump Moments from Summercamp Past

This year Happy Startup Summercamp turns 5. Described by The Guardian in 2016 as ‘a life affirming rollercoaster of a weekend’ it’s an event that creates real, lasting impact on those that come – leading to new lifelong friendships, new businesses, new careers or new hope; but most of all a glimpse of what’s possible when we work together, not alone.

As with any experience like this, a lot of the magic happens in the in-between bits that can’t be put into words or pictures afterwards. However here are some of the most memorable moments captured on film from previous years, as chosen by our community.

1. “You can’t transform the world, without transforming yourself.”

Ruth Anslow — Founder, hiSbe Supermarket

The incredible Ruth punched us all in the chest with an openness rarely found even amongst close friends. If you have any ambitions to put something out into the world that you care about, watch this. It might just help you be better prepared for the rollercoaster journey ahead.

In a hurry? Jump to 11 minutes in.

2. “Dream up experiences worthy of your precious few moments on this planet – and make these your business objectives.”

Jack Hubbard — Founder, Propellernet & Dream Valley Projects

Jack’s now legendary talk from 2014 is one that every budding (or experienced for that matter) entrepreneur should watch. Learn how he turned a personal tragedy into a life and business that has given him, and his employees, a ticket to realising their dreams together.

In a hurry? Watch the first 6 minutes.

3. “Serve until it hurts.”

Eiji Han Shimizu —Producer Happy the Movie

During the creation of his documentary film, Eiji and his team travelled the world in search of the secret sauce of happiness. After 6 years of searching, they final had found it. Without exception, he told us, the happiest people are the kindest – and put others before themselves.

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4. “The first step to achieving your dreams it to wake up”

Apurva Kothari — Founder of No Nasties

In this incredibly moving talk, Apu – the inspirational founder of India’s first fairtrade brand No Nasties – shares his battle between chasing happiness and making a difference. A heartwarming tale of fear, procrastination and hope.

In a hurry? Jump to 7 minutes in.

5. “We are each of us a wise guru in charge of a mental patient”

Jamie Catto – Filmmaker, author, musician

In his summing up of the final workshop of our 2016 event, Jamie Catto – founding member of Faithless and director of the One Giant Leap films – shared 3 minutes of wisdom from years of working closely with creatives, leaders and social entrepreneurs, captured here on phone. Enjoy.

This September 15–17 Happy Startup Summercamp returns for its 5th year. Expect more goosebumps moments and amazing connections. And it’s not just for startups too, but rather anyone that wants to create a more meaningful future for themselves and the world around them – and doesn’t want to do it alone. Request an invite here »