6 Startup Myths Debunked

Too often we take the well-trodden path, but there’s a better way that challenges convention — from marketing to leadership. Here are some of our most popular articles that will get you thinking differently.

Myth #1: Entrepreneurs are doing it for the money

Too much of the startup world focuses on the mechanics of starting a business. Whilst it’s good to move fast and stay lean, it’s time we made our businesses more human and in the process gave them a better chance of survival.

In short: Focus on your legacy, not exit, strategy.

Myth #2: Networking is a good use of your time

Throw away the business cards and stop trying to make as many contacts as possible. No-one cares about your business, they care about their problems.

In short: Help others without expecting anything in return

Myth #3: Fancy workplaces lead to creativity

If you want better ideas faster you need to create the conditions for magic to happen. And it isn’t found in an office cubicle or on a colourful slide.

In short: Ditch the boardroom and head for the great outdoors instead

Myth #4: Conferences are worth the effort

In a complex world that craves more meaning the events we experience are starting to look very different. Thanks to a few trailblazers this change is already underway.

In short: Learning feels effortless when its voluntary and fun

Myth #5: It’s OK for you first product to be shitty

Thanks to the likes of design-led companies such as Apple, Nest, AirBnB people have become more savvy and now the price of entry is higher. So if you want to get your product noticed you’re going to have to raise your game too.

In short: Make a delightful product and people will love you

Myth #6: Customers aren’t bothered about you

The harsh fact is these days it’s not as simple as making a product and simply selling to your target market. Consumers are much more savvy about who they buy from, with more and more interested in your story, as well as your product.

In short: Love your customers and they’ll love you back

Myth #7: You’ll be happy when you eventually make it

Often we see that the happiest people aren’t the richest, the most successful people haven’t followed the conventional path and the best leaders don’t shout the loudest.

In short: Choose your own definition of success and lead from the heart

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