6 things you can do now to keep your brain young

Scientific research revealed on a recent BBC programme highlights how you can stay mentally sharp for longer. Here’s some ways to keep your grey matter in great shape:

  1. Play table tennis
    Any skill that tests reflexes and hand-eye co-ordination such as table tennis stimulates growth of new connections between brain cells. And a study showed that it can even make the thinking part of the brain, the cortex, bigger.
  2. Play an instrument
    This engages different parts of the brain that control fine motor skills, listening and vision. And you’re never too old to learn, a study found that learning the piano improved the memory and other cognitive functions of a group of people aged between 60 and 85
  3. Go on a brisk walk
    You can grow more cells in the memory part of the brain with a workout – exercise stimulates your mind as well as your body. And as little as 1 hour, twice a week can release chemicals that stimulate the growth of new brain cells
  4. Eat purple foods
    Fruits like blueberries and blackberries and vegetables like aubergines have been found to be especially beneficial for your brain as they help to keep blood flowing and provide plentiful oxygen. And if you can fine them, the purple sweet potato found in Okinawa.
  5. Eat oily fish
    Omega-3, a fatty acid found in oily fish can protect you against dementia. Although steer clear of the supplements as there’s no proof these work as well.
  6. Be sociable
    We’re social species and need each other to survive. Social activity helps to develop connections between the nerve cells in different areas of the brain.

When it comes to the brain, a rich and varied life is the key to long-term health. Never stop playing, learning or connecting.

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