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Laurence McCahill
The Happy Startup School
3 min readJul 25, 2022


Despite what many people think, most entrepreneurs don’t start a business because they want to retire on a desert island.

They might be feeling trapped and want to chart their own path or feel more alive.

They are a human being with unmet needs.

And those needs don’t necessarily go away because you make lots of money.

“I have a need for impact, autonomy and creativity.”

Something is not right and you want to address it.

This doesn’t tie you to one idea, it frees you up to build the business you need.

This is the inside-out approach.
Where you lead with needs, not your idea.
Where the excite strategy replaces the exit strategy.

Excite Strategy Summit Day 1: Lead with Needs

Join us from 12.30–1.00pm BST today on Crowdcast

The Excite Strategy Summit is a 5 day online event taking place this week. Each day we’ll share with you the key elements of building an excite strategy for your work and business from the inside-out. We’ll be sharing some of the challenges we set on our Vision 20/20 program starting today with needs.Learn how to better understand your needs and how these can guide your decision making every day at 12.30pm UK time live on Crowdcast.

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Here’s the full schedule of events this week:

Monday 25th July 12.30–1.00pm — Lead with Needs
Learn what it means to identify your core emotional needs and to use them to guide what you do.

Tuesday 26th July at 12.30–1.00pm — Tune into change
When creating products or services focus the change your helping someone make in their lives rather than creating something perfect.

Wednesday 27th July at 12.30–1.00pm — Make happy money
Learn what it means to make money in a way that energises you rather than drains you.

Thursday 28th July at 12.30–1.00pm — Work out loud
Rather than waiting until you build the perfect product or services before announcing it, share your journey to making something people want and why you’re doing it.

Friday 29th July from 2–4pm — Vision 20/20 Open Day on Zoom
If what you learn during the summit aligns with what you need join us for our Vision 20/20 Open Day and learn how the program can help you create your own excite strategy. Register here

We’re Carlos and Laurence. Founders of The Happy Startup School and friends for 40 years. We’ve been following our excite strategy since we started out in business together in 2004. Our mantra since day one was ‘optimise for happiness’. The messaging might have changed but the essence hasn’t — to follow what feels meaningful, exciting and fun. We’d love to help you join us on this journey. 100 alumni already have.

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“This program is critical for new and experienced entrepreneurs! Where else can you be surrounded by your peers and encouraged to grow both personally and professionally?! I’ve loved being part of both the big group and my small cohort! So much so, we’re continuing on together past graduation!”
— Christina Kisley, Founder Kisley & Wild, USA



Laurence McCahill
The Happy Startup School

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