A to-do list for effortless business

Laurence McCahill
The Happy Startup School
4 min readMar 3


1. Simplify my offering
2. Do less, but better
3. Hone my one thing
4. Stop chasing so many ideas
5. Focus focus focus
6. Stick at something (rather than give up when it gets hard)
7. Work on the thing that will amplify my impact (book/podcast/course)
8. Close what’s not working
9. Get better at letting go (and saying no)
10. Ask for help more

Familiar with any of these?

Founders and overwhelm go together like milk and honey.

A founder friend last week said “I’m fed up talking to myself’.
We all know that feeling.

The inner critic.
The internal dialogue.
The unrealistic demands.

We wouldn’t treat our worst enemies like this.
And yet we beat ourselves up.

We have high standards.
We want things to be better.
But we can’t do it all.

And yet we’re full of contradictions.

We want freedom but say yes too much.
We want space but we fill our schedule.
We want to collaborate but we end up doing it ourselves.

We say we don’t want a boss.
But then struggle when no-one tells us what to do.

The truth is you don’t need a boss, you just need to prioritise.
And carve out a small pocket of time each week to work on the business, not in it.

But knowing it it is one thing. Doing it is another.

So here’s an idea.

If you’d value a small group of open-hearted, supportive entrepreneurial friends, a structured journey of self-discovery and creative expression, nudged along with a little gentle pressure from some experienced mentors like myself and my colleagues Carlos and Lana then we have a couple of places left on Tribe 7 of Vision 20/20 which starts in 2 weeks.

We have a special group already in place — and not just founders, but professionals, corporate escapees and coaches too — across design, comms, education, finance, marketing, strategy, organisational development and wellbeing, to name a few.

People that know there’s something more fulfilling, more effortless, more them out there — they just might not know what it is yet. Even though the answer is often right in front of us — we just can’t see it on our own.

Which is why we’re here to help you work it out. Not add more to your plate, but reveal what is already there.

Here’s how:

  • Module 1 — Purpose — helps you better understand your needs by starting with what you don’t want
  • Module 2 — Product — helps you to uncover your authentic niche by better understanding your own story
  • Module 3 — Profit — helps you work out what happy money means to you by aligning your business model with your needs
  • Module 4 — Promote — helps you to move from idea to action, and shift from fear to finding your true voice

What you get:

  • A structured lesson plan fine tuned over 3 years
  • 12 months access to course materials
  • Direct access to experienced mentors over the program
  • Proven tools and transferable skills
  • A community for life

You’ll meet:

  • Once a week for an hour with your coach and buddy group of 6 peers
  • Twice a month with the wider tribe to level up your learning
  • As well as a few one-to-one sessions with your coach to move you forward

20 leaders supporting one another over 20 weeks.
A low enough time commitment to build habits.
But long enough stretch to do the work.

This isn’t a sprint, it’s a plod… with purpose.

Last chance to register your interest here.

We won’t be running it again until October so now is your chance to commit.

“I joined Vision 20/20 a couple of years ago. Rather than chasing the follies of the outside world the program helped me to look inward. Not always easy but insightful and powerful. Some of the biggest changes and revelations in my life, were sparked by that program. I still have deep connections with the folks who I journeyed with. I still stumble and learn a bit more every day. To that, I’m eternally grateful. If you get a chance, give Vision 20/20 a go.”

– George Beverley, The Audience Detective, UK

“This program is critical for new and experienced entrepreneurs! Where else can you be surrounded by your peers and encouraged to grow both personally and professionally?! I’ve loved being part of both the big group and my small cohort! So much so, we’re continuing on together past graduation!”

— Christina Kisley, Kisley & Wild, USA

🚀 Learn more at vision.happystartups.co



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The Happy Startup School

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